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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  October 11, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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these fires are burning in and around through developed communities. this is a serious, critical, catastrophic event. struck out the firestorm is continuing to burn out of control tonight drop parts of the north bay causing destruction in the northbay. the massive wildfires are spreading fast. the wind conditions are shifting within the last half hour or so. these flames are already raging. now they are going in unexpected directions. thank you for joining us. tonight, we start kron4's coverage with justine rama she is live in santa rosa. she is tracking the deadly wildfires. what do we know tonight. >> reporter: we know that the weather is not cooperating.
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the winds are blowing in a way that is making it difficult for the firefighters to get the upper hand. the fires that are burning in napa and sonoma county, those are the priority fires because there are so many people. the earth -- is property in those areas that firefighters want to protect. we got emails from cal fire this evening, we know that at least 3500 businesses and homes have now been destroyed. 23 people are dead. 185 people are injured. and sonoma county alone, 285 people are missing. the sheriff's office are trying to reunite those people with their loved ones.>> what we are doing now is working those missing people backwards to the point that if we cannot find them, we are trying to get to
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their house. we are trying to do part of the job we don't want to be part of this.>> we are in it for the long haul. it will continue to get worse before it gets better.>> we brought up an additional 2500 soldiers and airmen to be available. we made a plan that we needed 100 additional officers in the area to help out with evacuations. >> people should show up regardless of whether you are a documented immigrant. >> reporter: additional resources are now coming in to help here in napa and sonoma county. they are coming in from all over the country, not from the west coast only but from the south and the midwest as well. right now there are 8000 firefighters trying to stop the flames. officials wanted people to know
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that if you are under an area that might be evacuated because the winds are shifting so much, would they want you to be prepared now. take pictures of important documents, make copies of your insurance paperwork for your home, your house, make a copy of your passport and keep it in a safe place. what is happening is the fire is moving so fast and so wild that when an evacuation order comes in, people only have minutes to grab their things and get out. i want people to try to be prepared. life tonight in santa rosa, kron4 news. tonight, the city of napa is under a new evacuation advisory. struck him evacuation under the city of sonoma downtown under a new evacuation order. steve is with the specifics. it is not good. what cal fire is doing is
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getting people prepared. as justine described, people are getting advisories to start. make yourself ready. when necessary move when the orders are given. this is the information that cal fire provides. you can get this on your computer as well. both of those are under mandatory advisors. there is calistoga and geyersville. we will go here and you can see that you can go east, i'm sorry to the west. that is the atlas peak fire fire. we open this up, we see no vibrate there. this is an advisory. it is not a mandatory part in napa, the advisory is east of the silverado trail, they are it buys a ring -- advising you to get your things and be ready to leave. but when we go to sonoma, this is near the area where we are reporting near the square, this is now mandatory.
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counsel road, and seventh street east north of the valve valley road. that is from the cal fire map. you can go on line to check out the specifics. back to you guys in this studio. the wind shifted. they knew that it would be blowing fiercely. the red flag warning. they have been blowing from north to south. they have recently started shifting from east to west. struck up a big concern that cal fire have that school has been talking about this throughout the whole news conference. we got to napa where the evacuation advisory is in effect.>> reporter: i am southeast of the city of napa. authorities have issued a evacuation advisory for folks in this area to be prepared to leave home on a moments notice. the atlas fire that is burning
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on the ridge behind me there will move towards a city of napa. the fire has been burning and going towards fairfield off to the east. there is concern that shifting winds and more powerful winds overnight could shift the winds back towards napa. they are not telling people to leave home yet. there are telling folks to pack a bag and be ready to go on a moments notice. i can hear chainsaws and crews working along the ridge. there have been firetrucks passing through here in the last 15 or 20 minutes. they are working hard to contain the fire and keep it from moving close to napa. the evacuation advisory is in place and folks should be ready to go if need be. struck him you need to stay -- you need to stay in touch with us or emergency issues that school officials in case the advisories become mandatory.
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as we have told you there are mandatory evacuations driving people from their homes in calistoga. the entire city was told to get out. some of us have been to calistoga and it is usually buckling with tourist and people from the bay during the day. at night it is quiet . just along is there. you have been in calistoga all day. he said it feels like a ghost town. no tourism. >> reporter: nothing. just people getting out with their large animals and their loved ones. i have not seen a resident drive through the street. like you said earlier, we saw dozens of people in their cars with their belongings. and their animals. they have seen the devastation across northern california specifically napa that is closer to them. i have spoken to a napa family who lost not one home but too.
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small flame still burning in the aftermath of the napa fire. smoldering shells of what things were before sunday night. >> it is devastating. >> reporter: about 40 years ago chuck and bonnie moved into this home with her three children. you are looking at a central stairway into their home. to my left our bedrooms. to my right what they called the great room. behind me a large backyard with a pole to the far right. everything is completely destroyed. except the sign with their last name at the entrance. the tightknit family, chuck and bonnie's daughter tracy moved across the street. their children played at the household. >> they spent a lot of time with grandma and grandpa. >> reporter: the atlas fire also destroyed tracy's home, the playground and basketball court gone. the chimney left standing. bonnie and her family all they have are memories but no homes
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to return to. >> you have the clothes you wore to leave the house, my car, my husband's jeep is still in the driveway. that is it. we have no close. i had three closets full of close. now i have a pair of pajamas. >> reporter: just imagine you are living in a home for 40 years. you raise your kids there. all of a sudden it is erased by mother nature. now i approach multiple residents who wanted to check on their house. i checked on the families there is no good news to chair tesco share with them. life in calistoga tonight . since the entire community of calistoga has been told to leave, officials say they use silverado trail south of eastern dale lane and head west
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of 29 and south from there. and you can use city state route 29. hopefully you have left by now. if you have been on the fence, and you decide to go, that is the suggestion. our coverage of this fire continues online at we have been talking about the shifting winds which is a major concern as we move to the late hours for the firefighters. that's what we will be watching closely. the other biggest factor is the wind direction. that starts off in about two hours. you can see the shifting direction over napa. for a while we saw wind speeds moving up from the south. for about an hour, we saw them coming in from the east. it was concerning when it comes from east to west. we have this huge atlas fire that already burned 42,000 acres that is off to the east of nafta that go -- napa.
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if the wind speeds continue to move from the east to the west, that is why we had the advisory evacuation for parts of napa. now you have the partridge fire that is burning to the east of napa. now you have the sonoma buyer that is combined now with the nuns fire and that is surrounding parts of sonoma. even if the wind directions are coming in from the north, it is still contact -- technically can come in from the north. he saw the wind moving in from the east tracking to the west. we will line of the picture and show you more fires that are burning. just to the north of the desk we have the the nuns fire fire , we have the wind direction coming from the north and the
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northwest. desk me for parts of santa rosa. we also have the the pocket fire fire going from the north and moving to the east. as we go into the rest of tonight, what we expect to see is the wind direction staying out of the north. it switches back for parts of napa, parts of sonoma right around until midnight. and we will continue to see the wind speeds heading to the north. we had three different models we lined up. we have wind speeds picking up the night. that is for thursday morning. by thursday afternoon the winds beach should die down for the afternoon. the wind warning stays in effect until 5 pm. we have dry conditions and the wind speeds and the shifting wind direction. more details coming up in a bit. i am just hearing about another evacuation advisory. this is the rio lindo area of
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hillsboro. we will get the specifics on that. we will also have fairfield after the break where the atlas fire is closing in on that fire -- city.
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(pam) continuing our coverage of the deadly firestorm in the north bay... the atlas fire which has burned more than 42- thousa the atlas fire that has burned more than 42,000 acres is pushing farther into solano county prompting evacuations.
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firefighters are working around the clock trying to keep the flames from spreading. we talk to some of the people in the area forced to evacuate. >> reporter: wind rips through caution tape in front of the homes that people are in the process of evacuating. tuesday afternoon farther and farther into the solano county site into the fire.>> >> reporter: randy daines waited and so he needed to wear a mask. he waited to get his family and dogs out of here until the last minute. ground crews are struggling to catch up with flames about a half a mile away. already fire crews have limited equipment working with only 20 trucks. working against a light to keep these homes intact.
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wildlife is racing towards those homes to following their instincts to the safest spots to seal up before nightfall. by nightfall the atlas fire was free to burn through the terrain. it's fire -- powerful catching a home on fire by whitten valley road. that was nicole comstock reporting. firefighters say only a few buildings burned. they believed they were able to fight off the flames of some of the homes in solano county. we will's day in solano where the atlas fire is getting closer and closer. winds are expected to change again. people are warning people on the western edge of town to be ready to leave. there are no mandatory evacuations now, but you need to be ready to go. life from simi valley rolled -- road in fairfield, how close is the fire at this point.>> reporter: right now, it is
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getting a little chilly. there is no wind right now. it feels good right now and safe. we are about three miles from where the fire is going on. solano county in fairfield. and rockville road, those roads are closed. if you went down the roads, three miles in either direction, you would see flames, smoke. they are working hard to keep the flames from injuring the city of fairfield where all of the houses and businesses are. let's go ahead and take video and show you what they are calling their voluntary evacuation areas. the eastridge community and all residents west of interstate 80. they are telling everyone to get prepared for evacuation. it might come overnight or tomorrow or hopefully not at all. they want you to have medicine,
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money, clothes, and your pets ready to go. and to please stay informed and to an end tesco tuned in. i just spoke to a cal fire firefighter, who just came off line and they were headed to their hotel. they said outside of fairfield, they built a 20 foot dozer line that is firefighter talk for they built a 20 foot big dick the earth up trying to stop the fire from crossing. i asked them if the people in fairfield can go to bed tonight and not worry about this until the morning. he said it is a -- if the wind saves where it is now where it's not blowing, he does not think the fire will jump the line. but if there is a big wind pickup, all bets are off and be prepared to evacuate. so unfortunately i cannot tell fairfield to sleep in tonight.
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you have to be on guard and on alert. if you don't want to risk hearing the evacuation call overnight, you can go to the high school or the allenwood sports complex. the allenwood sports complex, fairfield police sent out a press release saying that it is open. there is no school happening in fairfield or the valley unified school district tomorrow or friday. also solano county fairgrounds is open for large animals who need shelter for large animals and layhill. solano county fairgrounds. now david that is a vineyard out here he is the owner operator out here. they are growing grapes and they had a lot of them destroyed. you heard during the week of the vineyards and the wine industry will be massively affected. let's play that.
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>> we have some damage vineyard , and crops that were never picked. though structures are okay and no one is hurt so bad is a good thing. and there will be a negative long term for this. the quality of the vineyards and the grapes in this area. >> reporter: vineyards supplies grapes 2k mess, line of wine, and stags leaks winds. if you recognize those, those will be affected. they say it is not just for wine drinkers. it is a livelihood appear. it could affect a lot of jobs depending on the damaged that is done here. we are in fairfield and we will keep a watch on everything. we will keep you updated. we are trying to keep the fire from entering fairfield. right now people do not have to
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evacuate your but you have to be on the alert and prepared. this extremely poor air quality is prompting many school districts around the bay area to cancel classes again. these are schools not just in the northbay. here is the list, schools in the genus, antioch, pittsburgh, mount diablo, west contra costa districts will be closed tomorrow. officials in those districts say they will monitor districts -- conditions trial to determine if they will extend the closure. schools in the fairfield and vacaville districts will be closed tomorrow and on friday. and the alejo unified school districts, classes are canceled until next tuesday. diablo valley, los modano's, contra costa community colleges will be closed tomorrow. classes at sonoma state university, cal state university maritime academy, canceled through sunday.
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if you did not hear your school district listed, check with officials in your community to be sure. again the school closures are due to poor air quality around the bay area because of the fire. more than 50,000 customers tonight without power. pg&e says they are working on getting the power back on. with just got new eve -- information about a evacuation advisory for the northeast santa rosa area. we will be back with all of that information. our coverage of the devastating fire storm continues after the break. and always on (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ a now meteorologists is tracking the weather. we are watching our wind direction continue to shift especially in our north. we continue to see drying conditions as the wind speeds move in from the north. humidity tonight will recover. as we go through tomorrow, it
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will be very drive. there will be 20% wind speeds between 15 and 30 miles an hour gusting up to 40 miles an hour. you can see the wind direction down towards the north. that is the northerly direction with a lot of the smoke to the south. will have wind gusts up to 25 to 30 miles an hour straight through the night into tomorrow morning. it will not be until after 5:30 pm that we see the wind speeds died down. we will take a closer look at your air-quality. i will let you know when we expect to see improvement. we will have more details in 10 minutes. we mentioned that an advisory and santa rosa has just come into some streets. mendocino avenue through lomita's avenue and lush on tate road. that is northeast santa rosa. we will get you a map on that coming up after this. (pam) now at 9:30....
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evacuations now at 9:30 pm, mandatory evacuations expand. these wild right -- wildfires are spreading into additional communities. the toll of the destruction continues to rise. here's where we stand tonight. 23 people have died in northern california since sunday night. 170,000 acres have burned. more than 100,000 acres burning
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in the past couple of days. they have destroyed more than 3500 homes and businesses. a number that officials say is very conservative and likely could climb. fire officials say their priority is protecting people's lives and their property and that includes finding those unaccounted for. in sonoma county alone, there is still 285 people that are unaccounted for. here are the look at the wildfires tonight. this is the list raking the fires and the sites. the atlas fire has burned the most at this point. it has 42,000 acres. >> we have fires burning into counties. there is some containment on some. the tubbs fire in napa county which has burned 40,000 acres is 10% contained. that is a low number but shows progress. the atlas and the nuns fire is
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3% containment and the patrick fire is 2% contained. we want to take you to the map of santa rosa. we are talking about a new evacuation advisory just issued. this is the northeastern portion of santa rosa. from minestrone -- mendocino avenue to east along chantel road, basically all the way out to beyond city limits. unincorporated santa rosa out to the area that includes los alamos road, melissa road, montana road, sean tae road south, fourth street, highway 12. we are not dialed in exactly on this area. but this is the portion of the santa rosa area that was already decimated. this is north of annadel state park and the oakmont golf cart -- course.
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as you know, thousands of firefighters, many local are coming from districts around the bay area around the state and other states are on the front lines. roughly 8000 in all. they join us live from the oakmont neighborhood of santa rosa to update us on the firefight there. jr.>> reporter: i jumped behind the camera to show you what i am looking at this evening. i am at crest ridge. i apologize if it sounds muttered when i talk. i have a mask on because it's so smokey. i will do my best. you can see the smoke and the ash in the air. i will say that the reason i am up here is because this is one of two locations, one of two homes, let me take this mask off. one of two homes that was destroyed yesterday. this is part of the oakmont area. this is on crest ridge.
9:33 pm
the other was on trail ridge. we have confirmation tonight that two homes have burned. the good news is the fact that none of the homes in the oak area burned today. that is good news. this will be tough for homeowners. you can see how bad it is here. you cannot make out anything. that's how bad it was. i was down below this ridge yesterday. that was when this fire was burning. i can tell you that the flames were shooting in the air. you can see a lot of smoke shooting in the air as well. you did not know the damage until you came up here and saw this. and saw what was done. i wanted to update everybody on the oakmont situation. i was at other areas. let me get to the light here. you do have officers off in the distance. i will try to zoom in. they are keeping a close eye on
9:34 pm
these locations to make sure looters do not come to the spots or any of the other homes in this area that has been evacuated. it is a very active scene appear. but a scene that is heartbreaking to so many especially the homeowners here on crest ridge. i will throw it back to you in the studio. thank you jr. as you heard we broke in with a new evacuation warning that is a stones throw in a northeastern portion of santa rosa northeast of view. have you noticed fire activity increased or wins -- winds pickup that would prompt this new advisory? >> reporter: i have not noticed it from my location. i can tell you that i was talking to firefighters in this area. there is a red flag warning. many of them prepared to backlight some areas to fight
9:35 pm
the fires on the hill. we showed you the fire line earlier. the winds have not been as strong as i expected. i guess i can see that they are going in that direction. i did not notice why they would close any of that down. the fire line seems so far off in the distance. again, they have crews on the front lines all over the place. alright j.r. stone thank you for the report. in downtown sonoma, people from sonoma square north are being told to pack up and leave right now. it is an advisory warning. however there is an in -- a mandatory warding east of the square. we are live near the square tonight. can, this got serious when that mandatory order was given. what is the scene right now. >> reporter: the scene is quiet here in the square.
9:36 pm
we saw some fire trucks and sheriff deputies vehicles peel out after the warning was issued. this is northeast of here seventh street above belli road also castle road. those are the areas that have mandatory evacuations. we are not seeing any flame or orange glow in the sky. but the smoke is getting thicker in the last couple of hours than it was earlier today. shortly before 8:30 pm, fire crews and sheriff's deputies raced to eastern sonoma valley. the sheriff's office issued a mandatory evacuation order to castle road and seventh street east north of lowball valley road. more than four hours earlier, around sonoma plaza, police officers went door to door. sheriff deputies were crisscrossing the downtown area advising people by speaker that
9:37 pm
it might be a good idea to leave because the fire was approaching.>> i'm scared. >> reporter: the advisory message for those from sonoma square north was taken seriously. people began packing.>> we were prepared earlier in the day. we had things in order. when it came to today, we decided to get a few more things. >> reporter: at the same time a bulldozer could be seen in the hills north of downtown sonoma cutting a line in hopes that if the fire came, it would stop before hitting below. >> it is horrible. it is the worst thing i've ever been through. i have been through earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, blackouts, this is awful. this is scary. the flames engulfing you. and you can't breathe. 's >> reporter: back life here in
9:38 pm
sonoma plaza, the flames are getting ticker here. and advisory evacuation order is out from the area from the plaza north. there is a mandatory evacuation for eastern sonoma valley. stick around, our continuing coverage of the devastation in the north may continues after the break. you look at what has happened in so many parts of sonoma and napa county and now solano county as well. it breaks your heart. stick around we will be back with more after this.
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containment following the there is so little containment with this fire still going on in the northbay. they have 10% with containment and that is considered great news. so many are at 5%. it is tough to get a handle on the damage. we know that
9:41 pm
3500 structures are destroyed including homes and dozens of businesses. rc abramson is here now with the economic impact as we look at this point. 72 hours in and it is still an active battle with this firestorm. it is a fight where safety is the most important issue. the other aspect of the long- term disaster is an economic one. the region is home to 75 wineries. in mendocino you have wineries, and sonoma wine is a $13 billion industry. sato st. jean were all seriously or completely damaged in the fire. and that extensive damas -- devastation happened at staggs leaf winery. cinderella estate, white rock, william hill, many of these along silverado trail. california produces 85% of all
9:42 pm
of the wine in the united states. a good chunk of that comes from northbay vineyards. this is a preliminary list of the vineyards affected. that will affect families here for a long time to come. thanks a lot. once we get the fires out you will get a sense of the impact. if we can get the fires out. i will coverage continues after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ (grant) continuing our
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breaking news coverage of the deadly bay continuing our breaking news coverage, the deadly northbay firestorm, the smoke from the fire is affecting air quality throughout the bay. it was really bad monday with the respite tuesday and it's wrapping up again today. the gilroy area is seeing smoke and haze at times particles falling almost looks like snow.
9:45 pm
are reported danny freeman life tonight in san francisco. danny, this is prompting schools bay to actually cancel school tomorrow. this is a serious health issue.>> reporter: right. we have seen a number of school districts reach out to the parents think that they are closing the doors tomorrow. if you are curious and not have heard, check in with your school district and make sure they are closing their doors tomorrow. you are absolutely right. it looks like snow as you see particles here. i want to show you the bay bridge. beautiful and stunning with the lights. you can still see closely that thick haze. we have been out here all day it has been a lot of smoke and the visibility. that smell of smoke has come back quite strong in the past few minutes. it has become a problem in the bay area and across the bay.
9:46 pm
we have gotten a number of phone calls to our newsroom saying that the children were inside classrooms today because they thought the air quality was that dangerous. as we said before, fresno county had that air-quality. they had fire and debris coming down to the central valley. some of the unified school districts are also canceling out activities for that reason. i have been standing out here for hours and you can feel and smell it in the air. make sure you are staying inside and make sure you take care of yourself when standing outside in this element. the smoky skies are leading to airport delays. also the school closures we told you about. the heavy smoke from the wildfires filling the air today. american canyon as well, there were a lot of people at this
9:47 pm
walmart store wearing masks. some people were seen using their hands anything to cover their faces from the intent smoke. those without masks went to walmart trying to find one. even at walmart the superstore ran out. they turned customers to other local hardware stores. >> you need to wear a mask outside. walmart doesn't have no more. so we have to go to the hardware store. the fires are affecting so many thousand people in the northbay. the air is affecting millions. it is hard to believe all the way down to gilroy. britney is here. you have been looking at the rankings of how dangerous it is. it is in the category of the worst but it could be. it is the category purple.
9:48 pm
something we don't use often. far north bay, santa rosa, very unhealthy. specific towards children, keep them inside. that is why we are synced school districts cancel school tomorrow. east bay is unhealthy, san francisco and the peninsula earlier today was unhealthy, pretty much the air quality throughout the entire area tomorrow is unhealthy for everyone. we are closer to the firestorm. it is very unhealthy. keep that in mind. the air alert stays in effect until thursday. we will see if they extended until friday. we do not expect improvement until sunday. even then it will be unhealthy for sensitive groups which is anyone who suffers with the respiratory issues like asthma, bronchitis, lung issues. be careful. limit your time outside.
9:49 pm
make sure you cycle your air with your air conditioning. bring the dog inside at least until we get past sunday at least. here is a look at the red flag warning. it is back and effect. it will stay in effect until thursday 5 pm. we will see wind speeds at 30 to 35 miles an hour and potential wind gust in the higher elevations at about 45 miles an hour. dry conditions are expected for most of the day tomorrow. we have 30% humidity down to less than 20% tomorrow afternoon even by 3 pm. we are talking single digits. eight % humidity. 20% is santa rosa. we recover a little thursday night into friday. but thursday afternoon will be the worst of all the days with our humidity dropping down into single digits. that is an extremely dry atmosphere.
9:50 pm
let's take a look at the wind gusts burke we will continue to see wind speeds for over 20 miles an hour. here are three different models. napa the wind gusts closer to 30 miles an hour. some of the stronger wind speeds will be between 2 and 9 am. breezy and wendy still. we will see the wind advisory and the wind advisory is expiring by 9 am on thursday. hopefully with the wind speeds we will get the release. and hopefully with the firefighters we will talk more about what is in store. seven bay area sports teams are stepping up to support northbay fire relief efforts. they have agreed to buy $450,000 already, the warriors, raters, niners, sharks, the a's
9:51 pm
, have announced that they will donate money. the raiders head coach jack del rio and the star quarterback derek carr, they have a little perspective now. >> our thoughts and prayers for the people who are affected out there. there are lives that were lost. it is pretty devastating. hopefully they get the flames out and things will settle down. our thoughts our there. our thoughts and prayers for the people affected up there. >> it smells like someone is barbecuing. to be honest, that's what i thought. i did not know that the trouble like that, my heart goes out to the families. when something like that happens, you just sit there and think that you are fortunate. so our thoughts and prayers are with all the families that have
9:52 pm
lost houses, loved ones, that kind of stuff is real life, that is hard. when you think about it. doing that kind of stuff, that is hard. our prayers are with them. despite the air-quality issues, the niners practice today outside getting ready for their game on sunday. in washington dc coach callahan had this to say about the fire victims.>> this is serious, we had a lot of information of a lot of people showing on out there. was seen a lot of things. all seven of the bay area's major professional sports teams, the 49ers, raters, warriors, sharks, giants, a's,
9:53 pm
earthquakes, have combined to donate $450,000 to wild fire victim relief. the teams are urging their fans to contribute to the effort as well. the firestorm in the north continues. this is a great time to sign up for news push alerts. our mobile app has alerted people since sunday about the developments. o car (pam) at least 40 bay area
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
fire fighters have lost their mes in the no at least 40 area firefighters have lost their homes in the northbay firestorm. so many of the firefighters are actually still fighting fires. they have not assessed the damage left at their homes and have not been able to give their partners and kids a how
9:56 pm
to help them cope. they are still working. you have to fire -- families as a firefighter, your own and the people you fight fires with. we have 22 fires in the state hurting right now. 21 of them are here in northern california. some of these firefighters not only lost their homes, some lost actual people, family members, pets, all of their belongings, a horrific situation for the firefighters. a go fund me page has been set up to help these brave men and women. not only that, we have places at our website where you can make donations to help if you don't want to give directly to firefighters, the salvation army is always a resource. there is a brick and mortar place where you can actually go there. at 3993 sunny circle. the united way is connecting tesco collecting money, and united way wine is a place where you can donate
9:57 pm
your also asking people not to bring additional donations to the findlay community center as they work to figure out how to distribute the items they already have. a lot of people are trying to figure out how they can help. lots of people are donating food and blankets to shelters. is a great way for the red cross and the salvation army. our coverage continues. this evening we will be on all night until 11:30 pm. the northbay firestorm is ramping up as the winds get ferocious and the red flag warning is still in effect right now. tens of thousands of acres have learned. tens of thousands of our friends, neighbors, coworkers, people we have met going to napa for a nice evening they are under stress and anxiety tonight and needing our prayer and some. we will be right back.
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evacuations ... as the north tonight at 10, if you evacuations as the north bay firestorm continues to threaten life and threaten prompt the death toll has risen to 23. there are at least 285 people missing in somnom ark county. this video was shot by a sonoma county deputy. look at these intense flames all around. >> it gives you a clue as who to how the fire spread so quickly and so far. much of the attention is focused on the atlas fire, and that fire is threatening new areas, including the city of napa and fairfield, and the tubs fire, also -- and the tubbs fire,


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